If you’re a small business owner, or looking to market a product or service online, you’ll likely have heard of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. You may be familiar with the diy SEO methods and the various adelaide SEO companies offering additional PPC and marketing services. It’s one of the most important tools you have in terms of marketing and by improving your ranking on search engines you could see huge benefits to your business. However if you don’t have time or indeed the knowledge to do it yourself, how do you know who to hand over the responsibility to and how can you tell if they’re right for your business?

Get Personal

If you’re looking to employ an SEO company, make sure they’re happy to come for meetings or speak on the phone. Beware of sales people who simply cold call and try to sell you their services using high pressure tactics – if you get these calls, ask the caller if they can accurately tell you a little about your business to check if they’re specifically interested in you or simply working their way through a list.

Ask for recommendations from friends and other businesses, or carefully read testimonials and look at case studies on the SEO company’s website to see how they operate. If they don’t seem interested in you or your business needs, take it personally and avoid them at all costs.

No quick fixes

Be wary of any company that makes huge promises to shoot you to the top of Google’s rankings through a single online marketing service. SEO companies who really know their stuff will always offer a more considered and all round approach rather than a quick fix that may only be effective for a short time.

Work out what you really want to achieve from your SEO – make a check list of targets that you have and goals you want to reach. Don’t be afraid to ask an SEO company how they’d go about helping you with these and what recommendations they’d give to you.

Look for a company like www.seomaverick.com.au that is proactive with their SEO methods and if you have worked with an SEO company before, make sure you inform your new company of all the actions the previous performed. This will help your new company assess the state of your website and its history and if any proactive measures need to be administered.

Know the basics

You’ve made the decision to pass on the responsibility of SEO to an external company. However it’s helpful to have an idea of the basics to ensure that you have a rough idea of what they’re discussing and what they should be quoting.

Without knowing a little about the questions you should ask and the type of services an SEO company should be offering you, you’ll be very vulnerable to potentially false promises. Even just a small amount of research will help you to spot any companies making inappropriate or overly expensive suggestions and could save you a costly mistake.

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